Tansy Comes Home

Field Gear

Field Gear

The weather seemed to be turning, and the last few days on Quadra Island were wet and cold. Tansy felt a bit disheveled when she came home from her expedition, and the human house was piled with boxes of muddy field gear,  dirty laundry, notes and objects to analyse.

Present for the Hittys

Present for the Hittys

One box though, contained a special present which Tansy insisted that her favourite photographer acquire for her sisters. Constance helped unwrap the contents, and decreed that it called for baths all round, followed by a change of clothes.



The Last Day of Summer


The girls had to try out the new patio furniture – the weather was just warm enough for one last outdoor cup of tea (though our favourite photographer did not recognize Tansy in her tea-gown!)



12 thoughts on “Tansy Comes Home

  1. Such a lovely set!!! Glad the woodens had a chance to use it before the cold season!!!! Wish they enjoy a wonderful time!!!

    • Tansy was very clever, and made sure she acquired the set for her sisters, even though it was the end of the season! It will make the Hittys think of warm days and fresh flowers all winter long!

  2. Holy Moly!!!!! What a fabulous find…I can’t take my eyes off that patio set. The Hitty’s must adore their favorite photographer…he is soooooooooo thoughtful. Those amazing little flower and leaf cups and saucers are jaw dropping too.
    Tansy certainly shows that she is at ease in many environments. What a role model she is.
    Question. I can’t figure out who the Hitty is in the little lavender and purple dress??????

    • The Hitty’s do adore their favourite photographer, and I believe this indicates he adores them in return! The little leaf and flower cups are from a Japanese company called Re-Ment, which you might possibly find on the internet.

    • That little girl came home with us from Oregon, and was a gift from one of the other carvers. I think her name is Buttercup, but though she is the same height as Min, she is a little broader in the beam so she could only borrow this one dress.

  3. Once again we see the results of the powers of persuasion! Tansy has such good taste and the Favorite Photographer is so wise to recognize that resisting a Hitty is simply futile!!! Wonderful photo. Tansy looks a treat in her tea gown.

    • There have been a lot of “Fairy Garden” accessories in our local shops lately, but until this arrived, I had seen only very much smaller scale furniture! The favourite photographer has a keen eye for Hitty these days!

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