Autumn Knitting



Rose has been helping me knit baby booties for two friends whose daughters are having babies…

The Baby Uggs turned out vastly too big for newborn feet (a combination of the stretchy yarn and the non-fitting pattern, so I took a tried and true baby sock pattern and made one pair as writ, and a second pair with the “ugg cuff” (and I added picots along the edge for cuteness).

Tansy and Min think the floppy uggs make perfect Hitty-warmers!



10 thoughts on “Autumn Knitting

  1. These precious Hittys look adorable in their snug sack booties. The” newly created” little girl is delightful…love the side part in her hair and her sweet face…she looks right at home with Tansy, Rose and Min.

  2. wonderful warm colors…perfect for autumn. The girls look very satisfied with the uggs! Glad to see the new girl is fitting into the family quite nicely.

    • The shopkeeper printed off the Ugg pattern for me, and persuaded me I would need two balls of yarn to make them up… Min and Tansy were glad when this turned out to be a mistake. Rose and I have so far made six booties and there looks like enough yarn for one more pair.

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