St Denis

A New House

A New House

A new dwelling has been installed near the Quimper Hitty cupboard. This is a work of art by our friend the Dollhouse Lady, who has made us very, very happy! The  original is a flower shop located at 3835 St Denis in Montreal (click here for google street view).


Knocking at the door

Knocking at the door

Mary Ann knows that it is incumbent upon the neighbourhood to make the new folks welcome so she put on her bonnet and shawl and went visiting.



The house was empty of inhabitants…though when she and Amelia explored a little, they found a number of delightful looking cakes and puddings.  Amelia was very tempted to stick her finger into the crème and have a little taste, but Mary Ann felt a little overwhelmed!



Several of the other girls went exploring upstairs – Tatty and Patience admired the balcony, and Min thinks the outdoor steps are stupendous!

Happy Hittys

Happy Hittys

The Quimper Hittys are making themselves right at home for now, but we actually acquired the Dollhouse in order to have a special place to play with the youngest member of the human family whenever she comes to visit.

Please look at the Dollhouse Lady’s website at this link

26 thoughts on “St Denis

  1. Congratulations on your new acquisition … neighbor. The building is charming and likely will be overflowing with inhabitants and guests.

  2. I say Hurrah! For those who can play!!!!! Anything that goes through your hands comes out shining, dear friend!!! Thank you for sharing your magic😃 I hope you enjoy great adventures with the little one!

    • I think the dolls are going to adore having an actual house to visit, though there isn’t enough room for everyone to live in it, and they actually very fond of their Hitty Cupboard.

  3. What a wonderful house and great for the youngest family member to play with when she comes visiting. Looks like the Hitty clan have given it a good once over and found it perfect for requirements.

    • Absolutely perfect for requirements! The wash stand it sits on is quite low so small persons can see in, and its drawers will house Hitty stuff too so we can move stuff around if we want to. What fun!

  4. Gorgeous! What a fun surprise for the youngest human to play with on her next visit! I think anyone would feel at home there, especially with all the yummy treats! It’s a wonderful house.

  5. the Country Hittys and I are completely in awe. What a wonderful creation. And it has come to live with a wonderful Human and her Hittys. Congratulations ..wishing you and smallest human so much joy!

  6. How wonderful for you to have a replica of a real place for your Hitty’s. Hope to see pictures of the girls looking it over inside and out.

  7. Just beautiful! I am so jealous! I can’t believe little human is old enough to play with the Hittys and the house. I remember when she wasn’t yet in the world and their was some knitting going on in preparation of her arrival! Time really has flown by quickly! Have a lot of fun and make lots of memories!

    • We are going to have such a good time together! Dulcie is the Hitty that I made for her when she was about six months old – a very sturdy doll, able to withstand quite a bit of attention! The house is going to be a glorious addition to our fun!

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