US Thanksgiving 2016



Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago, but the Quimper Hittys are glad to wish their US friends a very happy Thanksgiving on their special day.


We are thankful for so many things:

For the beauty of the earth; sunlit warmth and cool shade; all the creatures great and small; food enough to eat today; Friends we love of every ilk, close to home and far away; creative hands and minds who work for love and fairness, joy and peace.

17 thoughts on “US Thanksgiving 2016

  1. Truly lovely photo..and how kind of you to wish us, your neighbors across the border, a Thanksgiving blessing. Thank you….grateful for you!

  2. This autumn photo is beautiful. I am thankful for many things including my much loved Hitty’s and the photos and stories that Hitty lovers share. They have brought many smiles, happy thoughts and intervals of youthful fun to my life. Thank You for your kind remembrance of your U.S. friends.

    • I am so glad to have met friends like you! I was pleased with the way the photo turned out – I took the picture and my favourite photographer helped me fiddle with it but just a tiny bit!

    • Thanks very much – it was a great morning-light moment – I had to assemble everything quickly, because the forcast was for endless rain the rest of the week! I was really pleased with the way it turned out!

    • Thanks very much, and you are very welcome! We loved the sudden way the pumpkins and flowers began to glow in the morning light – and that’s the way the picture started! I hope your Thanksgiving day was lovely!

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