Dark Park

rain pearls

rain pearls

Walking home these late fall days is always interesting – today was a little damp…



Slippy Mud

Slippy Mud

…and muddy in the park…

Tree Hollow

Tree Hollow

Amelia found a hollow tree to shelter in from the rain…



…but as the hollow was not big enough for me I convinced her to nip into a cafe till the downpour ended…




…even though that meant walking the rest of the way home in the dark!


12 thoughts on “Dark Park

  1. I have always found that walking in the dark (if I feel safe from marauding muggers) is a serene and tranquil experience. I think how odd that we need the light to see in the dark and that the opposite is true also. We need utter darkness to see the stars. Amelia is having many wonderful introductions to the beauty of our planet and the goodness of so many humans, Hittys and little furry creatures.

    • We quite like the dark too – and you are right about needing a balance of both light and dark! Hittys are small (but great) inspiration in this household, they help a lot in reminding me of that.

  2. So glad Amelia was around to keep you company…and nice to have that café so close by.

    Years ago, when I was working in a large metropolitan area, I’d take a commuter train into and out of work. When the time change came in the fall, it was always a dark walk home, about a mile. No Hitty showed up in those days, but Prince Charming did and so my dark walks eventually ended.

    Thanks for sharing your recent walk with us.

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