Frozen Hail

Frozen Hail

Aurelia borrowed a sweater and hood, and walked to the mailbox with me through the slushy melting snow…we spotted some frozen hail!



A little further along Aurelia posed in the snowy Juniper…



…and examined the ice-encased Rose branches.


Christmas Rose

We spotted an early Christmas Rose, blooming through the snow, and Aurelia  was excited to tell her sister Rose about it, though it was getting too dark to take her there in person. Aurelia did make a request for some snow pants, and a proper winter coat, so I guess I’ll be spending the day sewing tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Ice

  1. Whatever the circumstances, the QHs are there to meet it with creativity and some production. Thanks for the outing! I’ll look forward to what you create for Aurelia.

    • Thank you very much! The Jelutong wood was very splitty, and I had to have a lot of help finishing her mouth! Luckily there was “cute smile expert” sitting right next to me when I got to the panicking stage, so thanks to tcv, Aurelia’s smile is as cute as can be!

  2. what a nice walk in the ice and snow…and yes she does need that coat and those long pants! Hope the human and the Hittys are having a fine weekend.

  3. Beautiful photos. I think Aurelia is a smart Hitty to request snow pants and a winter coat. I will love to see what your sewing produces for her. Stay warm. It’s cold here in Georgia, too. Although no snow. 😦

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