Es ist ein Ros Entsprungen

A Rose

A Rose

Patience brings a Rose.

A rose has sprung up,
from a tender root.
As the old ones sang to us,
Its lineage was from Jesse.
And it has brought forth a floweret
In the middle of the cold winter
And in the dark midnight.

We really enjoyed listening to the King’s Singers version of this 1599 hymn on Youtube – (click here for their version – skip the ad!)

 A Friday bouquet at our house…

(delayed a day by the Piñata party yesterday!)



14 thoughts on “Es ist ein Ros Entsprungen

  1. Encounters with a sacred moment brings an unexpected transitory experience of awe, peace, hope and happiness. It is permeated with a natural knowing of being loved and secure. Your Friday bouquet was this for me today. I love that God will come just to play at times. Merry Christmas, dear, dear Quimper human…you are cherished.

  2. Patience has been a wonderful Mary this year. Her beautiful face and superb gown and robe, and head covering are just gorgeous. She reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.Thank you so much. Celia

  3. This is a wonderful portrayal of that Rose…thank you K and Patience. The King Singers carefully, beautifully and masterfully brought us the message too. Well done.

  4. This is a fantastic photograph – one of your best ever. I love the light and implicit motion in the way the clothes are arranged. And the background seems perfect. It is altogether a perfect illustration for the song.

  5. Such loveliness touches my heart deeply. Thank you for all the beauty that you create. ‘Lo, a rose ‘er blooming’ is one of my most favorite carols. Christmas blessings to you and yours, and may 2017 bring you only the very best and dearest. ❤

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