Miracle Beach

View from the basket

View from the basket

The Quimper Hitty human and her faithful Hitty companions made an overnight trip for an up-island birthday.  They stopped at Miracle Beach to see if anything wondrous was occurring.



Snow on the shore was pretty wonderful! Unfortunately, Hitty coats and mittens were left behind at the Hitty cupboard.





Fortunately there is always a quilt in the bottom of the Hitty basket, so the Hittys huddled together and kept warm!

Roger's Chocolate

Roger’s Chocolate

The human offered up her Roger’s Chocolate Victoria Cream as an apology for forgetting the winter gear…





…and the Hittys were very forgiving!

14 thoughts on “Miracle Beach

  1. Looks like all’s well and has ended well…and a thanks for the intro to this BC chocolates…they sound great. Trusting you all had a nice time in your celebration.

    • M-m-m Victoria Creams are very yummy, and best shared between at least four people! The Four-year-old’s birthday party was delightful, and the quilt a fortuitous and beautiful emergency substitute for warm coats!!

  2. I can’t think of anything in this world that chocolate doesn’t make better. Bet the Hitty’s relished going to your granddaughter’s 4th birthday party. What a fun time.

  3. That was wondrous indeed! What a lovely beach. So glad the girls had a quilt to snuggle under. What happened to ‘Be Prepared’ 😉 Well I guess you were kind of as the quilt was to hand.

    • Luckily the human didn’t forget warm sweaters and mittens for herself! We always travel with a Hitty Quilt, and they also had nightgowns…the quilt was pretty nice to have and snuggly in the emergency!

  4. Snow on the shore was beautiful! I’m sure the Hittys didn’t even think about not having coats because they were having such a good time.

    • BC Place Names says “The story goes that after the Cape Mudge Indians had befriended a supernatural stranger, giving him food and shelter, he rewarded them by giving them wealth and prosperity, but warned them not to become proud in consequence. When they became overweening, however, the Cowichans attacked them. The stranger came a second time and saved them. As a reminder of the lesson taught to them, he worked a great miracle, turning an Indian princess into Mitlenach Island.

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