Chair Repair

Puritan Pine

Puritan Pine

The Hittys are not involved in the wood-staining part of the Rocking Chair repair project. The replacement rocker first had a coat of stain followed by a four hour wait…


Second Application

Second Application

…then another application of stain, followed by a 24 hour wait…





…the Quimper Hittys are used to waiting…and there is another chair to rock in meanwhile…Flora is getting sleepy!

10 thoughts on “Chair Repair

  1. Despite the work going on around Rose and Flora, there is still peace and serenity for them….so restful. It’s a great scene to store away mentally for today. Thank you.

  2. Flora looks so peaceful, safe and contented being rocked by sweet Rose. I can’t think of any child that doesn’t love be rocked by a loved one. What a happy Hitty family are those Quimper’s.

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