Chinese New Year 2017

Chicken Curiosity

Chicken Curiosity

The chickens were interested in the embroidered corner of this linen tea napkin.

Here Chook chook

Here Chook chook

Eugenia tried to shoo them off the new sewing project…



…but they persisted examining the project in a pestiferous manner. The ultimate plan was to make a Möbius Chicken Pinafore.  From this point I joined the shoulders, (outside strap to opposite inside strap as in image #8 of the Möbius Pinafore) and then started stitching as from image #12 of the Möbius Pinafore (click here for link) using the scalloped edging instead of rickrack – the scallops went right round the pinafore, and I only had to discard about half an inch!

Kung Hey Fat Choi

Kung Hey Fat Choi

Amelia and Eugenia wish you a very Happy Year of the Rooster!


17 thoughts on “Chinese New Year 2017

  1. Speaking strictly for myself, when I see a puppy or a kitten there is some kind of emotional trigger in me that feels like a softening of my spirit. So many of your stories produce a feeling that is similar to that when I view them. You have such a talent for the unexpected. Somehow you are able to create A-w-w-w moments out of the ordinary. This is one of those stories. You are very special.

    • We love finding pieces, and making them into stories…sometimes it falls into place just naturally. The daybefore yesterday we found the little embroidered linen, and pounced on it – the pinafore just cried out to be made forChinese New Year!
      Amelia doesn’t mind a bit! She’s just glad you recognize her and call her by name, even if the “a” was an “e” for a day!

  2. Just listened to an interview on NPR of a 97 year old woman who was more than happy to see the back of the Year of the Monkey and hoped that the Year of the Rooster would bring a “Wake Up!” for all. Kiki-rikki-ri to the Quimper Hittys!

  3. HOw exceedingly clever to use the scallop trim like that!!! I am simply amazed (and Marie Claire is smitten). Love the little chicks….cute cute story. Thank you! And a Happy New Year to the Quimper Hittys and their human.

  4. We are so very fortunate to have such a creative person in charge of the QHs who shares such textile wonders and creations with us….thank you so much!

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