Cats in the Snow

Snow Heap

Snow Heap

The snow keeps falling…people in Victoria are unused to this!



but Opal and Agathe know what to do…Opal rolled some giant snow balls



…and Agathe picked some twigs…

Snow Cat

Snow Cat

…and they made themselves a snow friend!!

16 thoughts on “Cats in the Snow

  1. The Block Twins have a friend with whiskers! Please ask them to roll some snow balls in our direction…we’ve had no snow since December. The weather is interesting these days.

  2. It seems like there’s a mix-up here….we are getting rain!!!!! Who’s playing those tricks on us???? Glad the twin blocks are enjoying this twist!!!!

  3. What a purr-fectly wonderful snow cat. Opal and Agathe have the most delightful smiles and profiles. Their playfulness and creativity are so much fun to witness. We are expecting our first significant snow fall of the year, normally by this time we’ve had many snow storms. What a wacky winter this has been in Pa.

    • Stay warm! I hope your Hitty clan will enjoy a little bit of the white stuff – My girls can recommend sledding, snow cat making and just generally strolling in the snow (followed by mugs of hot chocolate and cats on laps)!

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