Die Zauberflöte

Magic Flute

Magic Flute

Constance and I have been impatiently waiting for the live performance of Mozart’s Magic Flute by our local Opera company – Pacific Opera Victoria!


We do appreciate that POV always makes an effort to make opera work for a small stage and tiny orchestra pit. The results are sometimes impressive, sometimes laughable – last night we found the sets and costumes more distracting than complimentary, almost incoherent.  The music was, of course, charming. The story is an 18th century Masonic version of a fairy tale, so it is taken for granted that women, uneducated people and foreigners are untrustworthy – unpalatable assumptions today.  Well, we don’t go to the opera because the story makes sense!

Our favourite parts of the staging were Papageno’s Origami birds, and seeing the Queen of the Night in a two-story tall dress…we wish there had been more of a dragon! Still, we liked the monks with their light sabres, three ladies dishing out bad advice, three spirits good advice, and the hero and heroine struggling through dark moments before they reach the light!

Long live the arts, local live entertainment, and working to end darkness and return to light!

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16 thoughts on “Die Zauberflöte

  1. Yes, dear Constance, continue to support your local artists! I often tell my actors, but for their efforts, Broadway could not survive. Indeed, without the “dress-up boxes” lavishly supplied by loving parents with hand-me-way-downs and cast-offs, Broadway could not continue. (P.S. Have you ever really listened to a show by Rogers and Hammerstein? More than enough unsavory characters…none politically correct…)

    • We love our local companies of dusty-footed thespians, and hope that arts funding stays intact throughout difficult conservative times – all the better to laugh and cry and find hope and inspiration!

  2. The Country Hittys and I always enjoy the opera reviews by Constance. We are also quite impressed by her lovely flute. It sounds as tho a good time was had by all. We also applaud her support of the arts!!

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