The Flower Queen’s Friday Bouquet

Flower Queen's Bouquet

Flower Queen’s Bouquet

The Flower Queen picked some flowers from our garden and put them in her pocket to keep them safe…

Lala loves flowers!

…a Friday bouquet at our house.


8 thoughts on “The Flower Queen’s Friday Bouquet

  1. What a great idea! The Flower Queen sure knows best…see how lovely they are!!! Who gets a floating bouquet on Fridays???? Pot is fitting too! Happy Friday to the Quimper family!

  2. I believe this is a photo to be framed (well, aren’t all of the rest of yours too?)…it’s so lovely and starts the weekend out just right. Three cheers for the Flower Queen and her Friday Bouquet.

  3. Who but the kind Queen of Flowers thinks about keeping her subjects safe in her pocket? So, endearing… and those fresh flowers in a water vase…perfection!!!

    • I was surprised by the pocket-transport, but the Queen of Flowers knew exactly what she wanted to do. All I had to do was figure out how to un-crush them and make them beautiful again when we got them inside!

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