St Urho’s Day 2017

Special Day!

Hattie went to the Carnicería, seeking inspiration for a special meal…


Gracia keeps all kinds of viands, both for general consumption and for festival days…

Special treat

Hattie plans to look up a recipe – Grasshopper pie is supposed to be very delicious…

Happy St Urho’s Day!

Click here for more information about this silly Saint’s Day.


9 thoughts on “St Urho’s Day 2017

  1. I am so glad that I had swallowed my tea already, or I would be cleaning the computer screen off right now from the burst of laughter!!!! Good luck with that grasshopper pie, Hatty! ROTFLOL!!!!!

  2. I am having some doubts about this grasshopper pie concoction…..I suspect there will be more to this story!
    Always fun to see Gracia in her store.

  3. S-h-e’s b-a-c-k!!!! That Quimper humor that comes out of the blue when I least expect it. Hilarious!!
    Tottietalkscrafts couldn’t have put it into better words. Loved her comment.

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