Bunny Rug

Felted Bunny

Flora met a lovely little Bunny….


…and begged Rose to assemble some felt!




Rose is always obliging, and the human happy to help….

Love It!

All the girls love the new penny rug…




…so does the bunny!!



16 thoughts on “Bunny Rug

  1. Ah, to dwell in the QH doll household means lots of lovely softness, colors, textures and creativity. Might there be a place for a fly on the wall to dwell? Thanks for sharing the recent loveliness in that comfy rug.

  2. Adorable rug for lovely woodens!!!! Spring has sprung in Victoria for sure!!!! Gives us hope!!!! Much love to the quimper family.

    • Yes, Spring is here, and the bunny rug is very cheering. I am sure spring will arrive in Quebec soon! I am very glad you like the little rug, the St Denis bedroom is such a nice place to display it too, with the pretty green walls, and the little girls metal bed.

  3. My rug is over half done….I am enchanted with your color choices. the Quimper Hittys are right to be so pleased! Wonderful work as always.

    • The only felt I had on hand was brightly coloured, so I indulged myself and got some softer pieces…We all really like how it turned out – I am sure yours will be sweet!

  4. The Easter rug is precious, so is that bunny. I am so happy to see Gilly…I have a very special love for that little Hitty.

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