Sea Trials


Gráinne directed the girls down the seaweedy rocks


…and with a bit of pushing…




…and a bit of sliding…



Oars Shipped

…the girls launched their new dory in the tide pool!



Ready to bail

With Min in the bow, Gráinne in the stern and a crew of capable oars-hittys…


Oars out

…the new dory seemed perfect, but…




…we discovered that six Hittys sitting up makes for an unbalanced dory.




Still, Agathe was thrilled to go for a little float in a tide pool, just like the Hitty doll in the book (Hitty, Her First Hundred Years).



And Opal was thrilled when Agathe floated back to shore (as were we all)!




Agathe warmed back up again and washed the salt water off in a bubble bath.

The Dory was made in 1996 by Mike Ryan of Placentia Bay Newfoundland Canada. It was discovered by the Hittys favourite photographer in a consignment shop here – all the way on the other side of Canada.

16 thoughts on “Sea Trials

  1. “We sail the ocean blue, and our saucy ship’s a beauty. We’re sober Hittys true, and attentive to our duty.” Apologies to G&S…Lovely acquisition by The Cupboard, though, and a gripping tale! Glad all came back from the sea.

  2. What a grand adventure. It’s also amazing to have an actual “floating Hitty” photo. We have never been brave enough to try that!

    • The soaking part of the adventure was unplanned, but not completely surprising…there they were rowing merrily, when the boat gave a mighty wobble and Agathe flew out. I took her photo while waiting for her to drift ashore!

  3. WOW! I called Jim over to see the photos of the new dory and said to him how brave you were to place your precious girls into the ocean, and then the photo of Agathe OVERBOARD made us both gasp….. we are so happy that she didn’t decide to sail away on you! Whew! The dory is delightful, but perhaps it is a drylander for now?

    • Indeed not! The adventure has not dampened the spirits of Gráinne nor the twins! The day was fine, there were fish in the tide pool, and they are going to bring rocks for ballast next time!

  4. Each photo was a grand story all by itself. I simply can’t pick any one facet of this to comment on because I loved the boat, the gorgeous sunshine, the beautiful rocks and tidal pool, that shot of the girls with their oars is a classic and just when I thought the wonderful adventure was ending, you throw in a twist that puts me in mind of an M. Night. Shyamalan movie. Can you tell I am gushing??? Loved it.

    • I just record Quimper Hitty life as I see it – they do seem to fall into adventures (and some times tide pools). I am so glad you love the photos, and reading about the fun we have.

  5. What a marvelous dory…really spectacular.even if six Hittys was a bit too much for it. Glad that Agathe made it back to shore .. by the way I really love the fabric that Opals’ frock is fashioned from. So dainty and spring-like.

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