Pump the water

Adventures with the twins often result in extra laundry…fortunately Agathe has learned how to operate the pump

Scrub the Linen

…while Jane scrubbs the linen.



Peg the clothes

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day – perfect for drying the clothes!



Iron the drawers

Jane loves the scent and sight of line-dried laundry pressed and folded…



Clean and tidy

Agathe was grateful!

8 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. We do so wish we could have a peg wooden in our size here. They are always so wise and helpful, having lived such a long time. Our Granny Rose is almost twice as tall as we are, which makes it particularly difficult to invite her to take tea with us, much as we would like to.
    Best wishes,
    Roberta Not-Quite-Hitty

  2. Happy to see the pretty dress Agathe took that unexpected swim in is laundered and smelling like fresh air instead of salt. Sweet

  3. Jane is such a dear and such a skilled laundress! Our own peg wooden is not nearly so adept. The Country HIttys and their person are great fans of line dried linens.

    • Jane’s efforts were much diminished by Agathe’s cheerful work at the pump, and also by the wonderful washboard! We are fond of Jane, but she doesn’t get to the forefront very often. Being of a somewhat nervous disposition, she tends to hang back when the twins have that particular gleam in their eye.

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