Skipping 2

Skipping again

My mother sent me…




…to the store!




What did she….




…send you for?












When this rhyme is chanted, the rope is turned at normal rhythm until “Pepper” – then it goes double time until the skipper trips!




15 thoughts on “Skipping 2

  1. Looks like another beautiful Spring day on Quimper…and the girls are making the most of it! Love to see them “in action”. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I am really enjoying these carefree posts which remind me of my childhood and happy times. These girls are certainly making the most of their outdoor play.

  3. Leave it to Hitty’s to bring back happy memories. I’d forgotten the “my mother sent me to the store” one. We would sway the rope back and forth on the ground and jump that way until we came to the pepper. Then we would swing high and low as fast as we could and count until we missed.
    What really floors me is that these seemingly nonsensical rhymes were sung by children in Philadelphia Pa and also sung by children as far off as British Columbia. Just amazing.
    Remember the one that went something like. Fudge. Fudge. Tell the judge, mama has a brand-new baby. Wrap her up in tissue paper, send her up the elevator. First floor, second floor, etc. till someone misses.
    K, and Hitty’s thanks for these wonderful memories.

    • I don’t remember the Fudge/judge one, but it does sound like a good one for counting! I do think it is too bad a lot of those rhymes and outdoor games were suffocated by TV, so I can’t go check with the kids down the street to see how the rhymes evolved!

  4. Your photos are amazing. I especially love the one with Patience’s feet off the ground. Your photo’s are so unique and very special…just like you.

  5. Skipping rope…how many hours did we spend as girls in that happy activity? Now my knees quail at the thought. Do the QH also play “Chinese” jump rope? (P.S. Edward turns a mean Double-Dutch…should his skills ever be required.)

    • Is “Chinese Jump Rope” like “Cat’s Cradle” with feet instead of fingers? If so then the Hittys haven’t figured out how to play it – I used see the big girls play it, but never figured it out myself!
      The Hittys think Double Dutch might be a bit beyond them, but please thank Edward on their behalf!

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