Hyacinthoides non-scripta




Clinocardium nuttalli



Hedera helix




up and over


(the girls are glad that scientific names are not used in this skipping rope rhyme!)



11 thoughts on “Skipping

  1. What a nice rhyme to jump by, I’m unfamiliar with it. You do have pretty maids in a row though. Thanks for the exercise.

    • The rhyme is for beginning skippers. The rope sways back and forth for the bluebells, cockle shells, and eevie Ivy – then the turners swing it overhead! It gives the skipper confidence as it sets up the rhythm!

  2. I’ve never heard this skipping rhyme, either. What a treat to see the bluebells and ivy- we woke up to inches and inches of snooooooooooooooow! I love that you were able to photograph the skipping rope up in the air! What a delight!

  3. Oh, what fun! We really must find a stout piece of washing line to skip will. Thank you for the reminder, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to become old before our time. Exercise in the spring sunshine is just what we need.
    Mary N-Q-H xx

  4. What a delightful post, three happy girls skipping brings back some wonderful memories from childhood. Glad they are having fun.

    To my horror I overheard the neighbours Mother today telling her daughter to pull all the bluebells out!!?? Crazy, they are so beautiful and only the other day I read something about a bluebell survey as Bluebell numbers are declining.

  5. Oh My Heavens…Does this bring me back to my youth. I lived in a neighborhood where we would jump rope to rhymes and the one in today’s story was one of them. We played double Dutch jump rope (two ropes turning opposite directions). The older girls on our street would be coming home from work, take off their high heel shoes, and jump in. This rite of passage went on for generations. I’m so happy to see the Hitty’s playing jumping rope.

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