Sunny May afternoon walk


Lala and Elvira don’t get out much, but today it was sunny and warm…


…so they went out to clamber around on the neighbourhood picket fences.



Fancy Picket

They peered through the Fancy Pickets…




and took one little sniff of the white Lilacs…



Purple Lilac

…and another of the purple ones…


…and then they strolled home filled with the joy of springtime, and the sweet scent of flowers!

12 thoughts on “Sunny May afternoon walk

  1. I’m full of joyousness viewing Lala and Elvira and their stroll. Thanks for spreading the joy around to us in e-land.

  2. UMMM…The scent of those gorgeous lilacs is wafting right through to my computer. Those photos are darling.

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