Victoria Day Tea

Knife Tray

Hattie has a talent for organizing the Quimper Hittys…

Linen Napkins

Buttercup learned to fold napkins!

Little flowers

Eugenia picked a bouquet.



Happy faces

Cakes appeared…



Yummy Cakes

…the girls sat down…



Happy Day

Happy Victoria Day, and pass the tea please!

17 thoughts on “Victoria Day Tea

  1. Now, now….Happy Victoria day!!!! Wish we Canadian Hitty caretakers could all celebrate together! Tea cakes sure sound great…for all the girls with a sweet tooth. A happy day to all…even though it is raining (again) here in the East…we are enjoying this day too! Thanks for sharing!

      • Oh! How wonderful that would be!!!!! We would be thrilled!!!!! And….maybe you could teach me a thing or two about vegetarian cooking…among other things!!!! Time with you is a great gift!

  2. QHs celebrate in such sweet ways. Thank you, Eugenia and all for your presentation of Victoria Day in your beloved country of Canada.

  3. It’s so nice to see the girls all helping one another. What a wonderful pay off…their tea party looks delicious.

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