Passing Cloud – Hotsprings

Deep Woods Path

Most of our trip we stayed on board the Passing Cloud, but we occasionally took to the zodiac to view wildlife, or to land on a special island.

One or two Hittys came with me whenever we visited dry land. I put Hittys Prim and Florence in my pocket when we stopped at Hotsprings.

Hot spring

In 2012, a big earthquake appeared to have closed off the springs, but hot water seems to be trickling back. New pools are being built to capture it in the places where the water is bubbling up.



Warm Bat Rocks

We were very happy to hear that the small Keen’s Long-eared bat mothers still come to the island to have their babies in the warm rocks around the Hotsprings.



Little Abalone

On the beach in front of the pools, Florence found an Abalone shell!



Looking out

Last year Tansy met Jiixa, the artist-in-residence at Hotsprings  Click here to see the blog post about that visit!

Florence and Prim were especially glad to visit this island and absorb a bit of its loveliness because at the end of the trip they will be going off to be Jiixa’s Hittys!




Constance and Tansy stowed away in the photographer’s pocket too!! A Quartet of girls rested in the dwarf Salal patch.

Moneses uniflora

And on the way back to the boat, Florence found a Single Delight flower!



Please  click here  to see the website of Outer Shores Expeditions,


If you want to see where Passing cloud is right now, click here!








10 thoughts on “Passing Cloud – Hotsprings

  1. These girls are extremely lucky to participate in such a wonderful adventure!!!! It is a blessing to share the journey! Thank you soooooooooo much! Girls are awful pretty too!!!!

  2. How wonderful that Jiixa will have the charming companionship of Florence and Prim in such a heavenly beautiful place! It’s breath taking! Thank you for sharing it with us! I feel blessed to vicariously enjoy this incredible loveliness!

  3. I was absolutely mesmerized with this story from the first photo to the last. Wonderful!!! Abalone shells are my favorite (memories of my Grandmom in California) I’ve never seen a wee one before this. Just lovely.

  4. Looks like you and the girls had a very nice time. Always so interesting to see more of the islands and learn about their history. Welcome home!

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