Passing Cloud – Windy Bay

Anna Inlet Morning

We spent a beautiful morning in Anna Inlet…

Florence at the stoop

Then we went by boat to Windy Bay, Hlk’ GawGa.

Florence enjoyed visiting and learning about the site from the Watchmen.

We learned that at this site in 1985, the Haida began protests against logging. This eventually resulted in the creation of Gwaii Haanas (the National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site).



In the doorway

Sometimes kayakers stay here…



Blinking House

…Florence enjoyed sitting in the doorway of the Blinking House!



Beljay Bay

We moored in Beljay Bay for the night!



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12 thoughts on “Passing Cloud – Windy Bay

  1. I can just hear the quiet in the serenity that you passed through. No doubt, the impressions that Florence gained while journeying are embedded amongst her fibers.

    • The mornings were calm and serene – with Thrushes warbling, an occasional woodpecker, and occasional oystercatchers…I am sure Florence’s fibres are soaked with calm and birdsong!

  2. Beautiful…the bunking house is quite spectacular! Hurrah for the protests that caused the creation of the Gwaii Hannas! People can make such a difference. Thank YOU for the lovely photos of this magical expedition.

    • Windy Bay is a truly wonderful place – replete with memories from ancient times and more recent events…we were so glad to listen to the Watchmen and hear some of the stories.

  3. I’d never heard of Haida Gwaii until last year from the adventures of Tansy and your favorite photographer. The universe has a way of introducing us to the extraordinary. Recently PBS had a documentary that included Haida Gwaii, the show revisited all the wonderful places and the culture that you first introduced me to on your wonderful blog. I must tell you that your photos and stories of interest far surpassed the PBS show. I have often thought to myself that the energy of universe can be whimsical because Haida Gwaii has come back into my life again in the most unexpected way.
    I enjoy a series of murder mystery books written by a Canadian author named Louise Penny. (They are not gruesome but very intriguing who done it kinds of books). Her characters are wonderful and I am now reading her 11th book called “The Brutal Telling” I couldn’t believe my eyes when the story goes to an island called Haida Gwaii resplendent with the mists on the moss, the mortuary poles, and the indigenous residents. Just amazing to me.
    Your photos and sharing your experience of this wonderful island and all of your stories for that matter along with our little wooden tree Hittys, and the dear lovely women who comment on your blog, has enriched my life more than I can convey.

    • It is so hard to put this experience into words and pictures – I am glad you are feeling some of the magic of the islands – perhaps you might find your way there some time!!

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