Looking for Lizards


Warm summer days are good for lizard-hunting in our dry climate…




Bracken Jungle

Tuesday and Amelia made their way through a bracken jungle!




…they looked high and low, but didn’t see any lizards!




When they came out onto the pavement something skittered across their path…



European Wall Lizard

…it was a green European Wall Lizard, first dashing off the pavement then sitting on a sun-warmed rock for a couple of milliseconds!




The girls sat on the same rock (for a little while longer).  Next time they hope to spot one of the little brown lizards native to this area.







12 thoughts on “Looking for Lizards

  1. Perhaps the girls could learn lizard language and call some out of hiding? Your QHs are always involved in such interesting native adventures. We’re getting to know of your varied terrain as the weeks pass.

  2. Ahhh fast little lizards! We have them here including skinks with bright blue tails…always a joy to spot. but they are sooo fast! the girls make quite a cute pair of lizard hunters.

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