Evening in the Hitty Cupboard


After supper, Jane got the pie out of the oven…





…Tuesday thought it smelled wonderful…



Cake slice

…Tephra wielded the cake slice…



…and Min was in bliss!



Tidy up

After dessert the girls made Jane a cup of tea and did the washing-up!








16 thoughts on “Evening in the Hitty Cupboard

  1. An early autumnal feel has descended on us in mid-Wales. The nights are cool, almost cold and we are greeted by mist each morning. You have reminded us……this is the season of PIE!
    Off to bake, though I’m sure I can’t recreate the glory that is Jane’s blueberry bliss.
    With love,
    Roberta Not-Quite-Hitty xx

  2. I can’t even imagine how challenging it must have been to make that pie! Good thing you have girls with tiny hands to make the perfect crust!

  3. How in the world did you make that tiny perfect pie with lattice crust no less? It’s just as amazing that you were able to cut it into a perfect wedge of pie without having it all crumble to bits. I bow to your amazing creative abilities…Seriously, I do.

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