Honey Spas 2017

Good use for an Egg Coddler

It is August fourteenth, and Constance is making a special coiled basket…

Special basket

…she finished the bee skep just in time, and took it to a quiet corner of the garden…



Bless the bees

In Russia and Ukraine, it is believed that today the bees stop collecting nectar, roses stop blooming, the swallows start their migration south and the dew on the grass becomes cold.  This celebration marks the beginning of the end of summer…

Bless the honey

Happy Honey Spas.  We hope people everywhere are able to celebrate a joyful and abundant honey harvest!




14 thoughts on “Honey Spas 2017

  1. Thank you for those good wishes for a good honey harvest. We’re hoping that we might be blessed that way this year. Earlier, it looked quite sparse, we’ll have to see what’s up.

    Constance did such a fine job on the skep. Her industriousness paid off in a beautiful way.

    • We do try and make our garden friendly to bees – I know the skep is really too late in the season to be actually useful, but we thought Honey Spas was the perfect excuse to make one.

  2. I do love the celebration of Honey…our neighbor has many beehives in his fields and the bees visit our gardens…I think my girls need a skep! Thank you for the inspiration.

    • The tiny teddies live in a basket at the foot of the Hitty’s glorious bed most of the time – they are glad to have an excuse to appear – especially since it may involve honey!

  3. I made a Hitty hat during a Julie workshop in PA, that looks like a great bee shep. I think I will convert it with a small opening and a wooden base! Thanks.

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