Tansy’s Erratic

Shore Erratic

Large boulders sprinkled about the landscape were dropped there by glaciers tens of thousands of years ago.  They are known as Glacial Erratics and are all over the place – this one is on the shore…

Forest Erratic

…and this one in the forest. Erratics are interesting, not only geologically as indicators of post-glacial landscape, but the large ones could have been used for shelter, or to reflect and retain heat from a camp fire.  This Erratic was situated in the human archaeologists camp, and with a plank wedged below, it made a charming and comfortable bench with an upholstered back.


Bedrock and Erratics get covered in Moss in the forest…

Wave action

…but the ones on the beach are constantly scoured by wave action.



Small Erratics

Not all “erratics” were positioned by the glaciers…



Evening View

Tansy appreciated the evening view from this one!


16 thoughts on “Tansy’s Erratic

  1. Tansy, thank you for continuing us on your recent archaeological expedition. The erratics are quite the wonder and most interesting to learn about.

  2. It’s difficult to know how to comment on something so interesting, beautiful and awesome…again the photos are amazing and Tansy as usual is skillful and educational. Thank You, Tansy.

  3. This is so interesting! And does it mean that all those little body parts of wooden dollies scattered wherever I go are Janet’s Erratics?

  4. It’s fascinating to contemplate how people used to interact with huge stones. The photo of the ‘Erratic Stone Sofa’ made me remember how, in my childhood, the children of our neighbourhood in a small town used to hike out to an enormous glacial erratic. We were drawn to it, and loved to climb it and peer at the fossils in it, and marvel over all kinds of arrowheads and other signs of life around it.

  5. always enjoy seeing Tansy in her practical little jeans and jacket being so industrious. Thanks to Tansy and her favorite photographer for these wonderful adventures.

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