Tansy Listens


On a dig in the forest it is worth paying attention to the sounds. Tansy listened to a lot of scraping, sifting, murmuring and exclaiming…


…there was also a bit of gurgling from a nearby stream, and the soft grumble of the generator (needed to power the lights and equipment recharging stations)…


…but when the generator was turned off, you might hear things like this: (click the link below to listen to a conversational Raven – be sure you turn the sound on!)


Thanks to the Hakai Institute for this video – Tansy was right there when it was being recorded!


11 thoughts on “Tansy Listens

  1. That was amazing! We have ravens and crows here, but I didn’t realize they could make sounds like song birds- that explains some of the fascinating, but hard to figure out bird song that we hear from time to time.

  2. You know I loved this raven vocalization video. Some of the calls I’d never heard before. I’ll be on alert for them when I’m out birding. Thank You so very much.

  3. wow! No ravens in this part of the world but we do have some large crows…But all I have heard them say is CAW!! thanks so much for the audio!!

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