Thanksgiving Visit


The youngest member of the human family came for the weekend, and before the rest of the household was awake, she made a beeline for St Denis and said good morning to the Hittys….





The pretty little fairy likes to walk up the steps even though she could fly if she wanted to.




Oh Dulcie, how I’ve missed you!



Fairy Ball

The Fairy has a magical pipe-cleaner fairy ball!




Elvira danced on top of the magical ball until she got tired…



St Denis

The youngest Human tidied everything up before she went home!

The Quimper Hitty human was working out of town last weekend, and missed the big dinner and also the visit from the little human…luckily the Hittys favourite photographer was there to capture some moments of delight at St Denis!






6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Visit

  1. I’m so sorry you had to miss the celebratory time of Thanksgiving…the youngest human in the family is growing up to be quite the little lady. Thanks to the favorite photographer for capturing some moments with her at St Denis.

  2. It makes me happy to see younger humans loving Hittys. The youngest Q. human is absolutely precious. Sorry you missed your special dinner. Thanksgiving can be all year round.

    • It makes me glad too, and I was especially charmed by the quote about missing Dulcie! I am happy that they came and had fun…we will have another play together the next time she visits!

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