Pile of felt

Opal and Agathe found a giant stack of felt…




…Rose hoped that at last she could interest the block twins in the textile arts!




Purple leaf

Rose got Agathe to trace the cooky-cutter and cut the leaf shapes out of felt…




…and Opal was content to pin them to the backing…




…but they were both a little impatient, and sat on the mat before it was quite finished.




They discovered pins in the bottom are not very nice!




Rose decided that the twins probably do not have enough patience yet for sewing.  She retrieved the mat…




…and spent the rest of the afternoon stitching!!





20 thoughts on “Mat-making

  1. There are many talented, as well as patient Hittys in the QH household. I so enjoy reading and seeing what is going on in that special place.

  2. Rose is a very patient young lady…she will get the block twins to cooperate fully…at some point! Lovely to stand witness to her dedication.

    • I got the woven felt in the US. I bought the stack of small rectangles at a quilt shop in Port Angeles, and saw more in Oregon, I haven’t actually looked for woven felt here…if you need a bit and I have colours you like, let me know…

  3. oh my goodness…that tiny thimble on Roses thumb! I am enchanted. The Country Hittys and I just finished a fall theme penny rug. I can’t wait to see your finished Mat!!

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