The Exterminating Angel

Sheep may safely graze.

Constance traveled in my pocket to The Star Cinema in Sidney, a little town about 25 km from the Hitty Cupboard.  We always go to The Star for the Metropolitan Opera’s live in HD broadcasts, because the theatre is small and cosy, they serve Pizza in the intermission, and the other faces in the audience are like old friends!  Today we attended The Exterminating Angel, composed by Thomas Adès.

The story of this opera is not really complicated, it concerns a group of people who meet for a dinner party, and are unable to escape alive. A few days later manners have descended into utter incoherent mayhem.  Getting to the finale was a rich, convoluted and crazy process, involving the highest note ever sung at the Met, love, lechery and sheep (the sheep, named Mary, Ruby and Lucy were making their Met debuts).

Constance thinks that The Exterminating Angel  is likely to take its place alongside Parsifal as one of the  “most inexplicable operas ever written”, though it is rather shorter, and a lot funnier in an icky way.

To view Constance’s other opera experiences go to this link.

 Many thanks to the Hitty’s favourite photographer who bought the fabric for Constance’s new Opera dress!



15 thoughts on “The Exterminating Angel

    • The story was perplexing but the music fantastic…in all senses of the word! Constance was glad to have a new opera dress…the other one is lovely, but she likes the option of a change once in a while!

  1. The Exterminating Angel sounds a bit like any of several works of literature that I was forced to read in high school. My mother was wise enough to know me and advised me to forget them immediately after I got an A on the paper. Good advice, and I still love to read, but could never forget the warped mental processes of those books. I’m happy that Constance got a new dress for the experience.

    • Constance is very glad of her nice new opera dress! She has given the story of this opera some thought, and she isn’t going to spend any more time trying to figure it out, it would be a bit like trying to figure out Salvador Dali.

  2. Constance’s dress is lovely, and the sheep are delightful, but I will definitely take a pass on The Exterminating Angel! LOL This post takes the cake as the most unexpected title ~ever~ for the Quimper HItty blog!

  3. Of course I had to read the details that Jane spoke of and then a synopsis of the movie and opera….do the sheep live? Also let me join the chorus of compliments on Constance in her new frock. very elegant.

    • Er…..well, Put it this way, the sheep making their operatic debuts survived to perform another night, and Constance’s sheep likewise. In the story of the opera however, the sheep are roasted over a fire made of burning furniture and smashed up cellos. A rather horribly lifelike carcass, meat on stakes, and severed sheep’s head speak to the talents of the props department.
      Thanks for your choral compliments, Constance is enjoying the new frock, though her old one (fabric from you!) will remain a favourite!

  4. I’ve decided that it’s better for me to hear about this particular opera than to ever see it. The best part is of course Constance in her beautiful new musical dress and those sweet (non-roasted) sheep.

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