January Storm


January is not our favourite month. There are frigid temperatures and severe storms all over the place. Today in our town there is a storm combined with super high tides. The wind is so strong that seismic recorders are registering the waves slamming on the beach as small earthquakes!

What is a Hitty to do? How can we forget about the horrible weather for a spell?



Oh Goodie!

The Quimper Hittys suggest two things – invite friends over, and drink a hot chocolate antidote!



More Please!

Gilly thinks that is the best suggestion ever…




…and the Hitty cupboard is definitely more smiley and cheerful now!!





15 thoughts on “January Storm

  1. How lovely the Hittys and dolls make out life on and about Quimper Street. The hot chocolate and smiles have surely warmed my heart and made me forget the moment’s issues. Thanks for the sweet post.

  2. Just seeing those sweet faces on Gilly and Min makes storms seem less scary. Those adorable smiles, hot chocolate, and a safe and warm home… is everything.

    • I think the picture is a hooked-rug very small and quite old. I can see the jute backing between the lines of rags, but I haven’t taken it apart to see. The back is nicely pasted up with brown paper, and I don’t want to undo it. The colours have faded a lot, but it must have been quite a bright and cheerful little winter picture, about 3 inches x 4 inches not including the frame..

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