Order from Chaos



It was getting to be a bit of a production to find Constance’s favourite dresses in the dress box…





…but a very kind Hitty friend sent us an envelope full of useful dress hangers…





…which Constance put to immediate use…




…oh the joy of an organised closet!



10 thoughts on “Order from Chaos

  1. Those Hitty sized hangers may very well be the find of the century. Our Hittys’s clothes are in a box also and it has become difficult to keep their clothes neat and pressed. Those hangers are wonderful.
    Love seeing little Ginny looking inside the hanging dresses…I’ve seen many little ones doing that same thing in stores. So Cute.

  2. Both Constance and Ginny look to be content. What a wonderful gift you’ve received. Is orderliness in the air? I’m trying to create it here at our abode too.

  3. Clever Constance! So nice to have order in the frocks! I really like the dress she is wearing with the little musical notes. and that tiny rick rack trim. She is so stylish and elegant.

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