The Super Blue Blood Moon

5:00 am

Opal and Agathe woke up at 5 am, and were disheartened but not surprised to hear the pelting rain on the roof…

5:30 am

At 5:30 am…Agathe remembered about the NASA and Griffith Observatory livestream on the computer…



5:51 am




ca. 6:15 am

At about 6:15 the bright reflected sunlight was starting to come back, and an airplane flew across the sky right in front of the moon (see the green light at the bottom?)




Griffith Observatory reported 30, 00 people watching the live streaming (and at least two dolls)!





20 thoughts on “The Super Blue Blood Moon

  1. The view here was nil at our peak time but it looked to me like the sky was more blue than usual. It’s heartening to know that there were some dolls on board too, observing this rare, natural phenomenon.

  2. We rose early to catch the SBBM as it set behind a stand of trees. It was not fully eclipsed – that was a treat for those further west – but it was beautiful. Last evening as it rose, goodness, it appeared very cold and brilliant. I’m glad the Twins had an opportunity to view on-line.

  3. What a sight!!! Thanks to the block twins for a wonderful report! We at this end only had a wee bit of that in preparation…glad we have friends out West looking out for us! I think these gals have all it takes to become reporters for the National Geographic 🤗

  4. Seeing the twins wake up to view the moon was such a sweet photo. They were all set to go outdoors in their warm cat sweaters, telescopes at the ready, only to find it raining…but those two always make the best of any situation. The NASA channel is great, and those photos were wonderful.

  5. How wonderful they got to watch on the computer….I completely forgot – it was cloudy and rainy here as well, so wouldn’t have been able to see anything here either. That fabric on their quilt looks familiar! 😀

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