Dreadful Lurgy

Feline Therapy

Constance has been suffering from a dreadful lurgy…



…the grey tabby cat is keeping her warm.







18 thoughts on “Dreadful Lurgy

  1. It’s always comforting to have an attentive pet at your side especially when the lurgy strikes. Hope you feel better soon, dear Constance.

    • In the spirit of re-using and remaking things, the lovely wool blanket is cut down from an ancient human one, and the pillow, mattress and even Constance’s nightgown are all made from scraps of a human nightgown…we think it is beautiful too!

  2. A cozy bed and a warm cat are sure cures for the lurgy, hot tea, hot chocolate, and chicken noodle soup are also highly effective. Healing thoughts for the entire household coming your way. Kathleen Ivy

  3. poor Constance…at least she is warm. And it is a well known fact that cats emit a force field that causes one to fall into very deep sleep. That should be quite healing for our poor Constance.

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