Seed Packets

Seed Packets

Carrot Soup had a broken foot, but she is upright again, though she is not showing her boots until they are painted! She is sure that the weather forecast (calling for snow) must be mistaken…but Carya is not so sure.




However, they have both put on their new seed packet pinafores in hopes of doing a bit of Hitty gardening – starting with daisies!!!






8 thoughts on “Seed Packets

  1. Yes! The climate is topsy-turvy. In our area we normally relish all four seasons…but it looks like a winter wonderland outside now. Last night’s 4th Nor-Easter was a major snow-maker. My Hitty’s all have on their pretty spring clothes and don’t understand why it looks like January outdoors.
    I brought some fresh flowers at the store to ease the disappointment…it helps.

    • No snow here thankfully – looks like Carya’s worry was all for naught! Spring clothes are a good way for your Hittys to encourage the flowers to come – and apparently it worked!

  2. what sweet fabric for those pinafores. Hope the snow misses you. We are having some sunshine so of course the girls are sorting seed packets! Happy to see Carrot Soup on her “feet” again!

    • The temperature is dropping by several degrees an hour at the moment – we hope it levels off soon! Carrot Soup is happy to be up and about again, and we are happy to have her smiling self back in the Quimper Hitty mixture!

  3. Love the pinafores from this wonderful print. A friend of mine gifted me with a piece of this, and I made a small quilt that is sometimes used for a backdrop of my doll pictures. Lovely work.



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