Taped up

Carrot Soup has been out of commission for a while due to a broken off foot!



However, a bit of glue, some wood-filler, a new peg, and a prescription of 24 hours rest should help. This will be followed by sanding and re-painting her boots, and then Carrot Soup should be hopping around again like her usual cheerful self!!






4 thoughts on “Footsie

  1. OUCH! So sorry for your injury Carrot Soup…but not to worry…your human is a renown Hitty surgeon. You will be better than ever before you know it so relax and enjoy a bit of pampering from your hitty and human family.

  2. Poor dear Carrot Soup. I had wondered where she had gotten to. Is there some story behind this injury? Some feat of daring do? Were the other wooden girls involved? Happy to see she is healing nicely.

    • Carrot Soup is a funny mixture of extremely soft and fragile wood, and extremely cheerful and adventurous personality…her foot just broke right off with very little force exerted – it was bound to happen!

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