Waiting for the Milkman

Room for at least two more cats in this family…






26 thoughts on “Waiting for the Milkman

  1. Your needles have been very, very busy and very, very quaint sweeties have come forth. Another smile has come forth with your lovely narratives from the QH household.

    • It is such fun to knit these wee kitties, I just couldn’t help myself! Several have gone off to other homes, but these ones are making themselves very comfortable in the Hitty cupboard!

  2. Lovely cat “family” …I’d love to deliver milk! First day today cats could sun bathe here with no risk of catching pneumonia!!!! At long last…it looks like Spring!!!!!

    • We are very happy to be able to entertain so may cats. Of course they mostly sleep all day so they don’t need much entertaining!
      My wonderful dollhouse was made by Art to Play With, in Quebec. Click here for a link to the website.

  3. Oh gosh these are super! I am so miffed at not being able to knit at the moment – seems to be ongoing! I keep seeing all these wonderful things I want to make and can’t.

  4. I love your creative miniature world, but this is more than everything that I loved in your blog, you are amazing. Fascinated me so much. Thank you, Love, nia

    • We are so glad that you enjoy our Hitty-fun with us. All the dolls, are very fond of keddies, have more and more of them in our Hitty house, and now they have to buy more milk!

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