Tansy, Constance and Aurelia are staying in Cabriès, a tiny 11th century hilltop town in Provence, between Aix and Marseilles. It used to belong to the Abbaye de Sainte-Victor, the old church that we visited in Marseille.



Goat Path

The streets are mostly too narrow for cars, and some are only wide enough for a donkey, or as in this case a goat!



going down

Also, many of the streets have stairs…



Going up

…or steep inclines…




…or cobbled street surfaces.



City Wall

The old city walls are just beyond the garden of the house of our relatives!




6 thoughts on “Cabriès

  1. What a superb place! Bet Cabriès residents are serene …no traffic jams except for maybe a few goats!!!! Happy trails dear friends! My Hittys are having a wonderful get together with some friends and they send their love to the three lucky companions! Have a fun family time!

    • Probably it is like all small towns, a bit of this and a bit of that…but no goats so far! We are having a wonderful family time, lovely and Peaceful and like a real holiday. Have a fun visit with your friends, and bonjour to all of you too!

  2. Yikes! Sometimes the girls scare me with their courage…if a strong wind came along…however all Hittys have a special connection with the elements so I suppose they know when it’s safe to climb on overlooks and just enjoy the scenery.

    • The girls are quite adventurous, but I don’t worry too much, they are sturdy on their pegs, and always within snatching reach should a dog wander past or a gust of wind blow by!

  3. what an experience….love the photos. So happy the girls are having such a wonderful time.. Thank you for sharing the experience with us stay at homes.

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