9 Julio


It was a busy weekend in the carnicería




…because today is a holiday Monday, and Argentinians are celebrating 202 years of Independence from Spain…



Yerba Mate

…Happy Nueve de Julio, and pass the yerba mate.






6 thoughts on “9 Julio

  1. I asked our Argentina Hittys about this holiday and all three said they were busy getting ready for the celebration. They were happy you were too and they send a very Happy Nueve De Julio to Tamino.

    • Muchas Gracias! Gracia enjoyed having a rather uneventful her day off, and the rest of the Argentine dolls were off at a more exciting fiesta with crowds of people and fireworks!

  2. Ahh, another teaching moment from the Quimper Hittys. Thank you for this information and the charming photos.

    • You are welcome! We have fun around here celebrating lots of different ways and times. Argentinian Independence day is sensible, considering all the Argentinian Hittys in this household!

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