Princes and Peas


Tamino and Gilly are hoping…




…to find a princess!




Patience was not impressed by the accommodations…




…she didn’t sleep a wink for fear of falling out of the bed!




We can all be friends even if some of us aren’t royalty – right?




10 thoughts on “Princes and Peas

  1. I do hope poor Patience is afforded a nap this afternoon…perhaps a kind Tamino will string her a hammock in the Pea Forest, where the leaves can shade her weary head and the pleasant rustle of a breeze can lull her to sleep.

  2. You have created an outstanding scenario and luscious dolls to go with it all. Is it possible to see a closer view of that top, velvety looking quilt on the royal bed? Your pictures are so rich in color looking.

  3. OH, MY GOODNESS!!!! You never cease to astound me. What a great story line…” The Princess and the Pea”. Just Great.

  4. Such a luscious crazy quilt. I remember when you made the delicate bed curtains. I so enjoy the continuing stories. They add a touch of magic to my days. Kathleen

    • Thanks very much! The Hittys don’t get a chance to use the state bed very often…but the love it when they do! Continuing stories are fun…I always think of the Hitty Cupboard as busy even if I don’t capture the moment!

  5. what a stack of wonderful quilts and that pillow and pillow roll on the floor are beautiful! The Quimper Hittys have quite a lovely collection. I do not blame Patience for fearing a tumble.. Her night gown and cap are so pretty.

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