Fresh Vegetables


Gracia loves this time of year – she is very busy at the Carnicería…

fruit and veg

…it is the height of summer and the beautiful fruits and vegetables are ready all at the same time!




…some of them have grown enormous!




She hopes someone with a large family will be in the mood to make several hundred chocolate zucchini muffins.

Thanks to the Comox Valley Hittys for the enormous zucchini!




6 thoughts on “Fresh Vegetables

  1. The Müttersholtz Hittys will be right over as their household is rather large. Thanks for the shopping tip about the availability of the zucchini.

  2. YUM!!! I so enjoy zucchini bread…but I’ve never had chocolate zucchini muffins…everything is better with chocolate. Perhaps Gracia, will teach us how to make them?

    • Gracia just wants it out of the shop, and wants someone else to figure out how to cook it! We humans did find a recipe on the internet that seemed to work well…(I think a Zucchini bread with chocolate chips would work too!)

  3. Grated zucchini mixed with grated onions , an egg and a bit of flour to bind it….brown dollops of it in some olive oil and you have Zuke fritters…yummy. Gracia is an excellent shop keeper!

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