Last Stop Shearwater

Waiting for table service

The final leg on Tansy’s Passing Cloud adventure this year was to an anchorage at the small coastal town of Shearwater which is close to Bella Bella, and an airport.

They dropped anchor in the afternoon and went ashore for a pub meal…


….returning to the boat at sunset.

Next morning while sunrise illuminated the town Tansy helped move the Passing Cloud to a dock.

Sunrise at Shearwater



Laundry needed to be done – not only the crew’s gear, but all the bedding and other items used by passengers. New passengers were arriving the following day. And, the ship deserved a fresh water bath after many weeks of hard work in Haida Gwaii.

Mate and Captain cleaning the Passing Cloud


That’s better



Once the chores were done, Tansy had time for a quick look around Shearwater.

An Ursine Welcome


A Shipwright


Passing Cloud at the dock



And then it was time to board the zodiac for Bella Bella and its airport.

Goodbye Passing Cloud, Thank you for so so many adventures



And off Tansy flew, back to the Quimper Hitty Cupboard to rest, for a short while, with her sisters

Leaving Bella Bella in a Beechcraft 1900C



If you click on this link it will take you to a map of Shearwater – zoom out to see the location.

Please click here to see the website of Outer Shores Expeditions and for views of Passing Cloud, which was Tansy and her favourite photographer’s home for nearly three weeks…

Passing Cloud is over on the BC Central Coast at the moment, click here to see where she is right now!





8 thoughts on “Last Stop Shearwater

  1. Thank you Tansy, fav photogrhr, and QH household mistress, for the (once again) enchanting voyage and adventures that accompanied. It’s always a peaceful journey.

  2. I loved every leg of this enthralling expedition. Thank you for bringing us along. It’s been beautiful, exciting, moving and fun.

  3. whew….Tansy certainly a little rest and hot cup of tea after all of her adventures and hard work exploring and assisting on the Passing Cloud. Shear Water looks like a bustling place.

    • Tansy had a bath and washed her clothes and cleaned her gear…and then had a rest and a cup of tea…although the bath definitely counts as a luxurious rest! She is glad to be home and we are glad to have her!

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