I brought my bag of carving tools on a special trip to Oregon where a sycamore blank awaited me. This is the result at the end of the first day of work…




…and here she is after another day. Some of her features are appearing, but I had forgotten how hard and splitty the wood is, so it took a solid week of carving and tinkering.




There were thousands of wood chips, many nicks, groans, blisters and hand-cramps from all the carvers, but also many sustaining conversations, suggestions and cups of tea.




I stayed an extra day so as to be able to finish her right down to the painted and pegged stage.



ferry ride

 The new girl is Arianell, a Welsh name meaning Silver, and she has a turning head, and pegged shoulder and hip joints.

She came home to the Hitty cupboard last night, and I am hoping she will be a good friend to all the girls, but especially to Aurelia, whose name means Gold.




18 thoughts on “Arianell

  1. OMG…”K” she is absolutely beautiful…your carving skills are amazing…I simply tingle all over at the birth of a brand new Hitty…(not exaggerating)

  2. Arianell fulfilled her promise…she shines!!!! Amazing work ❤️ And we all get a new friend!!!! Yipppppppeeeeeeeeeee! My woodens are wishing for a family reunion…yours and ours 😂

  3. What an amazing beauty Arianell is, QH mistress! She’s gorgeous and as Sherry mentioned, very serene face. I trust you feel like she was worth the hours you put into helping her emerge from the sycamore. Also, I’m very partial to Welsh names. Your household is bursting with life.

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