Autumn flowers


Arianell waited patiently for me to tinker with a few joints (her right shoulder kept popping out) and also hoped I would make her some respectable clothes. The dress in this picture is the first version of a plaid dress I made out of a men’s handkerchief…





Autumn Crocus

…and here is the almost final version after I lowered the neckline and bound the new edge with a bias cut strip of hanky.



New Clothes!

Arianell’s shoulder is all fixed – I started by carving a new peg to go into the tenon part of the mortise and tenon joint, and then straightened the channel for the peg to go into. After that I re-glued the peg in place and while the glue dried I made some unmentionables! Tomorrow she will be ready to go out into the world.





10 thoughts on “Autumn flowers

  1. I feel like I entered a magical workshop. Arianell (and undies and dress) is just a storybook character come to life. She’s beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing her journey.

  2. I love Arianell’s wood-grain. She is strikingly pretty. Leave it to the Quimper Human to look at a man’s handkerchief and see (and then produce) an adorable little feminine hitty dress. It looks wonderful on her.

    • I do love the texture of the wood too – and the handkerchief is just one of several I had in my stack of potential Hitty garments! I think there will be some more plaid in the Quimper Hitty’s future!

  3. She is another jewel joining the Quimper cupboard!!! So much love in that cupboard…being shared with all of us ❤️ Thank you for that ray of sunshine!!!!

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