Chestnut Girl


A Spalted Chestnut Hitty blank, after languishing in the carving basket for months, is finally on the way to becoming a doll…




…at times she seems a little impatient…



…but she has had lots of practice at patiently waiting to become a girl!






…but very happy not to be a blank anymore!




16 thoughts on “Chestnut Girl

  1. Oh my she is looking wonderful! You are so talented at carving, I just love your girls faces. Wish I could carve faces! she is going to be another cheerful soul I can tell that.

    • Thanks very much – I am lucky I have excellent teachers and also lucky that a cheerful girl was waiting to pop out of the chestnut! I am happy with the way my faces have been turning out…though the truth is I need to practice my joints and painting…not that I can’t do it, but that I feel such anxiety about doing it!

  2. It’s like waiting for a birth. Her bangs look so sweet. The chestnut wood is beautiful. I would imagine that it is hard wood??? This Hitty will have to help you release her while you carve.

    • It is quite hard wood, though it is a little softer than normal because of the spalting which also makes it a rather uneven texture. I think I’d like to try an unspalted chestnut some time.

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