New Blue Shawls


Viola and Tuesday were reading in the almanac that January would have: stm. prd, high wnds, cld, sleet or rn!  Br-r-r-r-r!





Luckily Rose is always ready to step in to help a chilly Hitty….



Lonely Tree

…she had some lovely blue mohair, leftover from knitting Flora’s wee shawl…



Pinned out

…and knitted up her favourite “Lonely Tree” pattern…




…so the girls could be cosy and warm.

Thanks to a Hitty friend who suggested using this particular yarn to match Viola’s pretty blue linen dress.




10 thoughts on “New Blue Shawls

  1. Ahhh, the blue shawl is beautiful against the blue linen dress of Viola. The QHs are so fortunate to have Rose in their midst….especially at this colder time of the year.

    • The shawls are very soft and comfortable, Rose is quite pleased at the way most of her knitting is turning out these days, though she isn’t showing you the snarl of mohair that was the first one of this batch.

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