Magic Flute


A dreadful lurgy did not prevent us from listening to CBC Saturday Afternoon at the Opera,  which featured one of our favourite operas – Mozart’s Magic Flute.   




Constance was particularly happy today – Prince Tamino joined her to listen, after all he is named after the prince in this opera!

In the story, Tamino gets chased by a dragon, makes friends with a bird-catcher, goes through magical trials to test his worthiness, and ends up with a princess!  Our Tamino is still looking for a dragon!

To view all of Constance’s opera reviews go to this link



10 thoughts on “Magic Flute

  1. Who could resist loving an opera that has magic flutes, dragons, a prince and princess. I have no doubt that if and when Tamino finds his dragon…he will tame it…and befriend it.

    • Tamino has a slightly more bloodthirsty end in mind for his dragon saga, but we shall see…there don’t seem to be terribly many dragons around here they must have gone extinct in our area.

  2. This is a charming photo. I am sorry that the Lurgy is hanging on, but imagine the opera soothed the spirit. Get well soon dear woman.

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