Möbius Pinafore


Rose's New Pinafore

Rose’s New Pinafore

A friend gave the Hittys two nice cotton hankies with embroidered corners…the Quimper Hittys were glad to get the raw material for a new pinafore…here I’ll show you how I made it.  Click on any picture below to get into the gallery, and then use left and right arrows to navigate.



We hope you have fun sewing for Hitty this week!



20 thoughts on “Möbius Pinafore

    • Dear Tottie – you are acquainted with the giver of the Hankies – I plan to show her tomorrow! And in fact this is based on a human-sized apron pattern so you could!

      • I am sure she will be enchanted! And, your note reminded me that, at one time I had a human size pattern for an apron that was quite similar to this…. I shall have to have a rumble around and see if it’s still in my possession- thank you so much for the reminder! 🙂

  1. lovely!! Thank you. the Country HIttys LOVE pinafore aprons (much like their human). We will be raiding the hankie stash to come up with some very soon!!!

  2. Once again, you have presented us with a lovely step by step tutorial of fabric loveliness. Thanks for taking time to do this…and finding ways for the Hitty girls to help out! The result is beautiful.

  3. The Pinny is so pretty and it Hitty Rose looks darling in it.. Thanks for the tutorial. It looks simple but i am sure it isn’t.

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