Warm in January


Rose has been knitting up a rainbow sock-storm…


…today she is stitching up the toe of sock #1….


Cast On

…and casting on sock #2! Yet another heavy rainfall warning here today…Rose thinks it is a good day to stay indoors and knit!




Constance is taking a shortened walk.


5 thoughts on “Warm in January

  1. Rose knits socks like no other hitty. Love the color combination of her hooded poncho…soft blues, grays and white. Just beautiful…She looks so warm and snuggly.
    I know what too much rain feels like. Our year end normal is 46 inches – we topped 73 inches. Crossing our fingers for some dry months this year.

  2. what wonderful socks!! Someone is going to be sooo happy! Rose is a wonder! And Constance looks like she might have to wade home. Love her raincoat!

    • The socks are very cheerfully coloured, and Rose is really enjoying knitting them in this dark, damp, foul weather. Constance is considering alternate methods of exercise and transport.

  3. Hi Quimper Hittys!!! I was with you when you purchased your work basket in the Ozark mountains I’m writing because I just took a sock knitting class and I just finished sock #1. Your socks and hitty shawls are so gorgeous!!! I’m impressed.you are such an inspiration. Take care, Susan

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